Protecting The Underside Of Your Home

Many people who own a home that has a crawl space underneath do not think about the possible loss of heat and air conditioning they may be having because of the air flow that is under there. The area that is under your house is just as important as the house itself and needs to be maintained and kept in good condition at all times. You may want to consider having this area sealed in order to prevent any of the heat and air loss you experience and also to protect it from other weather conditions. Rain and snow can eventually erode the foundation of the house and the crawl space will begin to crumble.

How To Protect The Crawl Space

One of the procedures you can use to close up the space beneath your home, is to use wood to make an enclosure. You should leave an area that makes it easy for you to access this area if you need to. This is a simple but quite ineffectual means of closing off the crawl space. The best thing you can do to completely seal it off is to hire a contractor who can encapsulate the crawl space. This is done in several steps and will take about a week to complete. But, the protection it gives to your crawl space is guaranteed. You can find a contractor by searching for a crawl space encapsulation issaquah wa specialist, if you live in that area. There are quite a number of companies listed that can do this and contacting a few of them will enable you to get estimates for the work to be done.

How The Encapsulation Procedure Is Done

When the contractor arrives, he will begin by removing any debris that may be under your house in this space. The company will then smooth out the area underneath. If it is a dirt floor, they will fill in any holes that are there. If you have a slab under there, they will check to make sure it is in good repair. They will then begin the encapsulating of the crawl space. Using specialty wraps, they will hang them from the bottom rafters of the house to the crawl space floor. They will dig down about six inches and place the wrap into this and close it back up. They will then use special tools to seal the edges of the wrap materials. The wrap material is made with enough room in it to allow for air flow through it without allowing anything to get into the crawl space.

The cost to have your crawl space encapsulated is quite high but if it is done correctly, it will protect the area for many years. No snow or water runoff is able to get under there which saves the wood that is used in the sub-floors of your home. Homeowners who have had this done have stated that the price is worth it for the results you get. Contact any contractor for more information on this.